Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Geographisches Institut

Research Interest

Dagmar's research career grounds on studies on urbanization linked to the concepts of urban ecosystem services (UES), green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. She is the first author of one of the first and highly cited research papers on UES from 2014. Urban densification processes and patters but also urban shrinkage and their role for and in social-ecological systems, the integrated study of physical, institutional, and perceptual filters for the realisation of UES is another core research field. Dagmar is co-author of the introductory paper on Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETs) and in recent projects she is going for an application of this concept together with an international team. Dagmar's work bases on large European data samples and data sets but she is also actively working in case studies. Her focus is on quantitative and qualitative studies supported by remote sensing and the development of Apps to involve a broader public and link science and citizens. Dagmar has an h-index of 77 and over 250 scientific publications (journal papers and book chapters). Several awards based on and given for the above listed research activities, i.e., the AXA Science Award in 2014, the Wallenberg Honorary Professorship in 2016 and the Honorary Professorship of the University of Bucharest in 2022.