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Fig.: Katja Janson

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - EARSeL SIG LULC - NASA LCLUC Workshop 2014


The workshop is organized in half-day sessions around 4 themes. Each session contains 2 keynotes by international experts, intensive poster presentations and discussions, and wrap-up discussions.


New sensors and emerging opportunities for land use and land cover monitoring

Land use and land cover monitoring is facing a new era with Landsat-8 and the upcoming Sentinels. At the same time planned space-borne hyperspectrals sensors (e.g., ENMAP) or LiDAR missions are coming closer to being realized. This session will offer space for presentations on recent and future missions including their associated data policies, formats, standard products, and will highlight emerging opportunities for LUCC mapping.

  • Curtis Woodcock, Boston University, United States of America
  • Bianca Hoersch, ESA-ESRIN, Italy

Advances in Land-Cover and Land-Use Science using Earth Observations

Earth observations provide the means to undertake spatially explicit analysis of land cover and land cover/land use change and are advancing land use science. This session provides examples of recent land use studies that incorporate remotely sensed data.

  • John Townshend, University of Maryland, United States of America
  • Ben Somers, KU Leuven, Belgium


Landsat imageMining the archives: better use of existing data for long-term LUCC studies

The recent opening of the Landsat archives marks a tide change in access to historic earth observation data. As data records of fine-, medium- and coarse resolution imagery are growing, new opportunities are rapidly arising for reconstructing LUCC histories over the time span of several decades. This session will highlight the opportunities and challenges for making better use of existing image archives, including topics such as mass-processing, automated image analyses, compositing, time series analysis and sensor inter-calibration for LUCC applications.

  • Thomas Udelhoven, Universität Trier, Germany
  • Volker Radeloff, University of Wisconsin, United States of America


Frontiers in Remote Sensing of Land Cover and Land Use

New sensing systems, data products and methods allow the development of new science. The science and policy agendas concerning land cover and land use are also evolving. Scientists are developing innovative ways to address pressing questions of land use science. In this session we focus on new frontiers in remote sensing of land cover and land use change.

  • David Roy, South Dakota State University, United States of America
  • Martin Herold, Wageningen University, The Netherlands