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Fig.: Katja Janson

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geomatics


maps on phenological parameters: clip from fig 3 from the article
Fig.: C. Senf et.al.

"A Bayesian hierarchical model for estimating spatial and temporal variation in vegetation phenology from Landsat time series"
Remote Sensing of Environment (RSE)
March  2017
Code and Data...

crop of figure 1 from the article: chart workflow for deriving a raster map of Cerrado tree communities within the sgdm package
Fig.: P. Leitão et.al.

"sgdm: An R Package for Performing Sparse Generalized Dissimilarity Modeling with Tools for gdm"
International Journal of Geo-Information
January 2017

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Picture - field work with students in the woods
Fig.: Patrick Hostert

The Geomatics Lab serves basic and advanced courses of different formats within the Bachelors's studies of Geography and the M.Sc. Global Change Geography such as in Remote Sensing, Geoinformation and Quantitative Methods, addressing questions related to coupled human-environment systems. The lab focus is on Remote Sensing.

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Events  / News

LSSC Colloquium: No colloquium on the 1st of May

Mon, May 1, 2017
1:15 - 2:45 pm
Room 2'108 Uckermark

Due to next Monday being a public holiday, our next colloquium will take place on the 8th of May. Teresa de Marzo will present her work on "Monitoring vegetation dynamics through time series analysis: from Mozambique to the Gran Chaco".

KOSMOS Workshop - Remote Sensing of Ecosystem Functioning

30th -31st March, 2017

The Geomatics Lab hosted the Workshop, bringing together a group of researchers from GEO BON (Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network) Ecosystem Function Working Group.

All talks were recorded and can be watched here

Topics of the talks ...

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