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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Climate Geography

Research Workshop Climate Geography

The Research Workshop Climate Geography is an integral part of the Climate Geography Colloquium where bachelor and master students present concepts and results of their theses. Additionally, PhD-students and postdocs sporadically report from their research or take the chance to practice upcoming conference presentations. Occasionally, we invite speakers from outside to the colloquium to present on specific topics. Travel Lunch is our format for any travel reports from our group.

Students, employees and colleagues of the Geography Department, and all interested guests are welcome to join. We are sending email invitations to each presentation via the learning management system Moodle ("Kolloquium Klimageographie"). You can enroll to the colloquium on Moodle using a key which you will receive at the climate geography secretariat.

The colloquium takes place every semester, usually on Wednesdays fom 11:00 to 13:00 in room 1'227 in the Geography Department's building. The schedule is updated regularly. Presentation dates are assigned by Christoph Schneider upon consultation with speakers.

Please see here for the current colloquium schedule.

Research workshop and final colloquium are integral parts of the bachelor and master study programs in geography. As the bachelor study programs are in German, we here only provide information on the M.Sc. Global Change Geography. Bachelor students please check out here for futher information.

Information for M.Sc. Global Change Geography students:

Master thesis conceptualization is conducted by a 15-45 minutes presentation including problems, concepts, methods of data acquisition and collection of materials, and its processing respectively analyzation and critical reflection. After completion of the master thesis it is to be defended by a 30 minutes presentation of results and a subsequent discussion. Both presentations have to be held within the Research Workshop and Colloquium Climate Geography in case the thesis is carried out within the Climate Geography unit. For further details please check the website of the M.Sc. Global Change Geography or have a look at the English version of the examination order.