Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Current and past Bachelor's theses

Bachelor’s theses – ongoing

  • Gero Willmann - Beaver management in the Biosphere reserve Spreewald: Attitudes towards beavers and management actions
  • Benjamin Balog - Assessing the range dynamics of the imperial eagle in Central Europe
  • Estelle Solem - Birds in the city: modelling taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity in Berlin
  • Serafina Bischoff - Spatiotemporal activity patterns and species interactions of animals in the Southern Caucasus (Nakchivan, Azerbaijan)
  • Tobias Hoffmann - The impacts of beavers on the resilience of forest against drought in Spreewald Biosphere Reserve (WT)
  • Juliana Eggers - Assessing the relationship between PA-category and large mammal communities in the Southern Caucasus
  • Elisabeth Bauer - Assessing forest legacy effects on the distribution of the Ural owl (Strix uralensis) in Romania

Past Bachelor’s theses









  • Peter Duksch - Methode zur Erstabschätzung von Energieholzpotenzialen im kommunalen Raum*
  • Florian Kestel - Kaffee – Ein Weltmarktprodukt und seine ökologischen Folgen*
  • Carina Schuchard - Vegetation dynamics of Brigalow plant communities in relation to precipitation*


* = co-supervision


Name information on this webpage is given with the consent of thesis authors. Photos on the individual webpages are courtesy of the authros, if ont otherwise noted.