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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Carrying out a Bachelor or Master thesis in the Conservation Biogeography Lab

Writing a thesis with us

We are always looking for motivated students interested in our research themes who would like to conduct a Bachelor’s or Master's thesis with us. We always have a range of available topics and usually aim to develop thesis topics jointly that closely interlink with our ongoing research. We have prepared a guideline describing the supervision framework for a Bachelor or Master thesis at the Conservation Biogeography Lab as well as the major steps to be taken - from deciding whether our group is the right place for youand your thesis, to submitting the final thesis. Plese read this document carefully before contacting us (a PDF version can be found here).

You can take a look at ongoing and past theses that students have conducted in our group:

If you are interested in conducting a thesis with us please contact Prof. Dr. Tobias Kuemmerle.


The Conservation Biogeography Colloquium provides a space for presenting initial concepts as well as progress made in Bachelor, Master’s and PhD thesis and postdoctoral research. The colloquium also a space to obtain feedback and discuss problems you may face in your thesis. Finally, in the colloquium we provide skills training and tips on scientific writing and presentations. We expect all students carrying out Bachelor or Master theses in our lab to regularly participate in the colloquium!

The colloquium takes places Mondays, 1pm to 3pm (ct) and is held in English. Please visit the Moodle forum for our schedul, to find additional ressources around conducting a thesis, and to book dates for your presentaitons.