Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

LosBonasus-Crossing! - Project goals

Due to a lack of cross-border cooperation in management, monitoring and research, it is unclear how many individuals there are in the German-Polish border area, or where potential for conflict lies. There is also a lack of shared knowledge, action and communication structures between Poland and Germany. The initiation and improvement of cross-border wildlife management for moose and bison in the program area, in line with the economic, political and social interests of the region, is therefore the central project objective.


Main project goals

  1. Creation of a solid knowledge and decision basis on the distribution and habitat requirements of European bison and moose in Poland and Germany.
  2. Joint, cross-border development and initiation of management options for a low-conflict coexistence with bison and moose.
  3. Strengthening acceptance via participation of relevant stakeholders such as authorities, land and forest users, as well as via environmental education and communication activities in the project region.