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Dr. Sofía Nanni






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Rudower Chaussee 16, Room 2'228

+49 30 2093 4889

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Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Germany


Sofía Nanni

About me

I am a Dr. in Biological Sciences currently working at Instituto de Ecología Regional (UNT-CONICET), Argentina. My research expertise lies at the intersection of Conservation Biology, Land System Science and Human Dimensions of Wildlife. My main interest is to understand the consequences of anthropic land-use and land-use change on medium-large mammal conservation, and the social-ecological factors that affect human-wildlife coexistence in different social-ecological systems, with focus on land systems of the Argentine Dry Chaco. During my stay at HU Berlin, I will work at the Conservation Biogeography Lab to identify and model the influence of human behavior and human-wildlife interactions (such as conflicts) on habitat suitability for certain medium-large mammal species in the Chaco region.