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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Dr. Leandro Macchi









Post-doctoral researcher




About me


I am an ecologist focusing in the complexities generated by land use changes through degradation/deforestation processes in the natural habitats and fauna of South American ecosystems. During my studies, I focused on questions related to bird ecology, foraging behavior and their relation to land use changes in the North Argentinean Yungas and Chaco regions. I am also interested in the trade-offs between food production and conservation and conservation strategies to reconcile these objectives. During this postdoctoral stay, I intend to explore the trade-offs between economic production, biodiversity and carbon stocks using optimization and spatial analysis oriented to land use planning for the dry Chaco. I’m also interested in exploring ideas on how to connect the processes behind bird abundances and distribution patterns with land use change processes.


Curriculum Vitae




Postdoctoral Researcher at the Biogeography Lab, HU. Berlin, Germany


  Postdoctoral student, Univ. Nac. Tucumán. CONICET. Argentina



Doctoral student, Univ. Nac. Tucumán. CONICET. Argentina



Graduate degree as Licenciate in Biological Sciences. Universidad Nacional Tucumán, Argentina.

A detailed CV can be found here.


Selected Publications


In progress:

- Seasonal effects of forest phenology on bird’s communities in Subtropical dry Chaco Forest. Patricia Zelaya, Néstor Ignacio Gasparri, Sofía Marinaro, Leandro Macchi, Leonardo Paolini. Submitted to Austral Ecology, 25/01/2015.

- Natural grasslands in the Chaco. A neglected ecosystem under threat by agriculture expansion and forest-oriented conservation policies. Héctor Ricardo Grau, Ricardo Torres, Néstor Ignacio Gasparri, Pedro G. Blendinger, Sofía Marinaro, Leandro Macchi. In press, Journal of Arid Environments.

- Land tenure and biological communities in dry Chaco forests of northern Argentina. Sofía Marinaro, Héctor Ricardo Grau, Leandro Macchi, Patricia Zelaya. In press, Journal of Arid Environments.

- Scale-Dependent Spatial Match between Fruits and Fruit-Eating Birds in Andean Mountain Forests. Pedro Gerardo Blendinger, Julieta Jimenez, Leandro Macchi, Eduardo, Martín, Mariano Sanchez, Marta Ayup. In review, Biotropica.

- Agricultural production and bird conservation in complex landscapes of the dry Chaco. Leandro Macchi, Héctor Ricardo Grau, Ben Phalan. In review, Journal of Land Use Science.


-  Trade-offs between land use intensity and avian biodiversity in the dry chaco of argentina: a tale of two gradients. Leandro Macchi, Hector Ricardo Grau, Patricia Viviana Zelaya, Sofia Marianaro. Agriculture ecosystems and environment, vol 174, 11-20. Publish 17/04/2013.

- Beyond ‘land sparing versus land sharing’: environmental heterogeneity, globalization and the balance between agricultural production and nature conservation. Héctor Ricardo Grau, Tobias Kuemmerle, Leandro Macchi. Current opinion on environmental suitability, vol 5, 477-483. Publish 28/06/2013.


- ¿Piospheres in the dry Chaco? Local effects of livestock puestos on forest vegetation and bird communities. Leandro Macchi, Hector Ricardo Grau. Journal of arid environments, vol 87, 176-187. Publish 05/12/2012.

- Sap consumption by the White-fronted Woodpecker and its role in avian assemblage structure in dry forests. M. Gabriela Núñez Montellano, Pedro G. Blendinger, Leandro Macchi. The Condor, vol 115, 93-101: Publish 15/02/2013.

- Fine-tuning the fruit-tracking hypothesis: spatiotemporal links between fruit availability and fruit consumption by birds in Andean mountain forests. Pedro Blendinger, Román Ruggera, Gabriela Montellano Nuñez, Leandro Macchi, Patricia Zelaya, Eva Alvarez, Oriana Osinaga, Rocío Sánchez, Josefina Haedo. Journal of Animal Ecology: vol 81, 1298-1310. Publish 05/11/2012.