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Update regarding the immediate measures against the spread of coronavirus

current information from the admnistrtion of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
concerning Corona

current information from the faculty Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät concerning Corona

current availability of employees of the Geographical Institute


19.03.2020 | 10:10 o'clock
HU News Extra - Coronavirus: Presence emergency operation, checks and more


Presence emergency operation from 20.03.2020, after work

From 20.03.2020, after work, operations at all Berlin scientific institutions and thus also at the Humboldt-Universität will be limited to emergency presence until further notice. The universities have been preparing for this since last week, according to an announcement by the Senate Chancellery. The changeover to the emergency presence mode is aimed at protecting the health of employees, students and their families.

Press release Senate Chancellery Higher Education and Research

What does this mean in concrete terms?

All HU buildings are closed. Only staff members who are entrusted with core tasks and who have been reported to the pandemic staff as such are permitted to enter.

Core tasks include:

  • the strategic management
  • the maintenance of communication, IT systems and data management
  • the payment of salaries
  • the securing of endurance tests and the storage of hazardous substances
  • the supply of animals and plants
  • the securing of real estate
  • the processing of invoices from external service providers, e.g. for cleaning, security and the supply of water and electricity
  • the basic supply of unavoidable mail (e.g. court cases or live food for animals)

The central administration is only operational to the extent that it can process documents and records outside the administrative network. Given the high security standards, this is only possible to a very limited extent. Normal personnel or accounting processes will therefore inevitably come to a virtual standstill. In the emergency presence mode, almost all regular administrative processes come to a de facto standstill. Nevertheless, employees work on projects and tasks in their home office - as far as possible.

This decision by the Senate Chancellery will remain in effect until the state and federal authorities reassess the situation and the universities can return to normal operations.

Examinations and theses

Already from Thursday, 19.03.2020, no presence checks will be carried out until further notice. The tests will be carried out in an alternative form and/or at a later date. Instructions for conducting state examinations will be issued and notified by the respective examination offices.

The deadlines for the submission of theses within the framework of Bachelor, Master and Diploma programmes will be suspended from 12.03.2020 until the resumption of regular courses of study (but at least until 11.05.2020), i.e. the deadlines will not continue to run for the time being, so that students who resume regular courses of study, which include the reopening of libraries and PC pools, will be able to take advantage of the full remainder of the submission deadline and will therefore not suffer any disadvantages.

Data protection requirements for the home office

Due to the current development, many employees are forced to work in the home office at short notice. It is important to note that even an emergency presence on the processing side does not change the data protection sensitivity of the data on the side of the person concerned. The data protection officer points out that he is responsible for ensuring that the data provided to employees in their work in and from their home office comply with data protection regulations.

The measures and tips described under the following link are intended to help in this respect. They will be updated and supplemented.

Notes on data protection in the home office

Charité: Doctors and nurses wanted

In view of the concrete personnel challenges, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin has set up central e-mail addresses to which people can send their requests for support for the Charité in ongoing medical tasks. We are looking for licensed physicians and certified nursing staff.

These central e-mail addresses of the Charité are as follows:

Doctors: pandemiestab@charite.de

Nursing staff: bewerbung-pflege@charite.de

Employees and students are requested to inform suitable persons in their private environment about the support possibilities.

Charité: Coronavirus app for recommendations for action

More and more people need testing and the need for SARS CoV-2 testing is increasing. In order to further improve the procedures in its own Charité examination center, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is launching CovApp.

This app does not provide any diagnostic services. However, after answering the questionnaire, you will receive concrete recommendations for action, contact persons and a summary of your data. The aim is to optimize patient flows in hospitals and examination centers.

To the web app

Regular updates

The central website hu.berlin/corona collects, bundles and answers questions about coronavirus. The information (also FAQ) is continuously updated and supplemented. You will also find contact persons  for specific topics. Please visit this website regularly. We also follow all developments with our internal newsletter (HU News) and in the social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).