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Peer-reviewed journal articles

in press
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pre 2012
  • Zurell D, Berger U, Cabral JS, Jeltsch F, Meynard CN, Münkemüller T, Nehrbass N, Pagel J, Reineking B, Schröder B, Grimm V (2010) The virtual ecologist approach: simulating data and observers. Oikos 119: 622-635. Linkpdf
  • Zurell D, Jeltsch F, Dormann CF, Schröder B (2009) Static species distribution models in dynamically changing systems: how good can predictions really be? Ecography 32: 733-744. Linkpdf

Book chapters

  • Zurell D, Engler JO (2019) Ecological niche modelling. In Dunn PO, Møller AP (eds) Effects of climate change on birds. Oxford University Press.